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Private Training

This comprehensive option is built around you and your dog; We'll work together to develop, modify, or proof the canine's behavior. Location varies as needed to suit training needs and progress. 

New client's will have to purchase the New Client - Initial Evaluation session first, a longer 90 minute evaluation with extra time for trust building and questions. 

After our initial new client session, our sessions will last 1 hour. During this time we'll check in with homework, cover new theory, follow up on issues, and continue practicing and developing towards your goals. Each training plan is custom made to fit individual lifestyles and training goals.

Below are some common example sessions

  • New client session to evaluate aggressive behavior within the home

  • New client session focused around ensuring a puppy's training is developing properly

  • New client session to teach old dogs new tricks

  • Follow up sessions for further guidance on puppy's impulse control and resources guarding

  • Weekly sessions of basic obedience lessons with the whole family and a newly adopted rescue

  • Weekly session of side-by-side walks using controlled exposure and developed skills to manage reactivity

  • Weekly sessions of public access excercises for dogs preparing for service or therapy work

  • Bi-weekly sessions to practice loose leash walking and recall with an adult dog

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