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Image by Bruce Warrington

Classes and Playgroups

These services are not yet available. I plan to host most of these events on Practical Pup's enclosed training yard or in our training room, and both of these areas are currently being remodeled. Stay tuned for projected completion dates. 



Structured around age and skill, I instruct these sessions in person to the canines and handlers as a group. Only four dogs per class max

  • Puppy Fundamental Obedience

  • Reactivity Management

  • New Tricks for Old Dogs

  • Back to Basics Obedience

  • Loose Leash Workshop

  • Guided Public Access Exercises


Structured around age, play styles and personalities, I ensure the safety of the play group while encouraging positive social developments

  • Puppy Party

  • Introverted Canine Quiet Meetup

  • Rowdy Crowd Runtime

  • Neutral Ground Introductions

  • Social Gentle Seniors

  • No (or little) rough-play tolerance play sessions

Interested in Classes or Playgroups? Reach out!

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